Rata Midwives

Formerly known as Midwives on Barrington

Rata Midwives is a well-established practice of midwives working with women and their whanau in the Christchurch region. We are passionate about providing good quality care to women and feel privileged to support them on this wonderful journey. We provide continuity of care throughout pregnancy , labour/birth and to six weeks after birth. We know that every woman has a unique situation and honour the cultural, ethnic and social diversity of the women with whom we work. The philosophy that underpins our work is that pregnancy and birth are normal life events and we are committed to supporting birth as a normal process.

We provide evidence-based information to assist women and their whanau to make the best decisions for their individual needs. We also see our role as supporting women to trust their bodies and find their inner strength to approach their birth with confidence. We know that the birthing environment can impact on a woman's experience and believe that for a healthy woman, birthing at home or in a primary unit (Burwood Birthing Unit, Lincoln Maternity or St George's Maternity) maximises the potential for a normal birth. We also support women to birth at Christchurch Women's Hospital when necessary.

How We Work

All the midwives within our practice have small caseloads of around four birthing women per month. This means that we have plenty of time for your appointments, which allows time, not only to build a trusting relationship, but also to share and discuss a wide range of information. Appointments usually last 45-60 minutes, although the initial booking visit sometimes takes a little longer.

We work in pairs, which means you have many appointments to get to know the midwife you have chosen and also to meet her back-up. We each take every second weekend off call, from Friday 5pm – Monday 8am. During this time our back-up provides midwifery care. In this way you have midwifery care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As we all share a similar philosophy of practice, we know that if your LMC is unavailable, you are still receiving the highest standard of care. We initially offer an options visit which gives you the opportunity to come and meet with a midwife, ask all of the questions which are important to you and get a sense of whether our philosophy and personality are a good fit for you.

We have good collegial relationships with a broad range of health professionals (including obstetricians, dieticians, physiotherapists, lactation consultants) so should you require additional input at any point, we are able to make a referral at no charge to you. We all enjoy keeping up-to-date with current evidence/research and to this end, all regularly participate in on-going professional development. We offer free use of birthing pools for those women choosing to birth at home. You will be provided with knowledgeable breastfeeding support and we encourage women to explore the benefits of breastfeeding before their baby is born. Where there are challenges in this area, we are able to spend time with you to help resolve the issue or to make a referral to a lactation consultant. We can also assist you to access breastfeeding support from the numerous community breastfeeding support groups.

Hello, I'm

Julie Edlin

Working with women from a variety of different backgrounds, age ranges and social circumstances is one of the wonderful aspects of being a midwife.

I love my job and I am passionate about offering holistic, respectful and individualised care based upon up to date information and research. My own midwifery philosophy is grounded by my belief in women and my trust in the natural process of childbirth. I support women wanting to birth in primary units and at home, as well as in hospital when necessary. I also happily work alongside women choosing to birth in water.

This is the beginning of your amazing journey, congratulations...

Julie Edlin

"I really enjoyed having Julie as my midwife."

— Tracey, Linwood

"She always went the extra mile for us and treated our decisions with respect."

— Marie, Woolston

"I felt totally comfortable and supported by Julie during my whole childbirth experience."

— Anna, Barrington

"I would definitely recommend her to anyone."

— Angela, Burwood

"She is really easy to get on with and has a really lovely caring nature. I can't wait for baby number 2!"

— Ryan, Christchurch City
Hello, I'm

Kelly Dorgan

Hello and congratulations on embarking on one of life's most profound experiences.

I became a midwife in 1997 and have been offering midwifery care to women in Christchurch for over ten years.

My passion is working with women to develop trust and knowledge to diminish fears that interfere with the birthing/mothering process. I love supporting women who aim to birth in a birthing unit or at home where it is possible to support the body's infinite wisdom to birth safely, avoiding interventions that interfere with bonding and breastfeeding.

I would love to hear from you and am happy to email/post a more complete profile, or set up a time to meet for an options visit in order for you to have ample opportunity to ensure you are able to make the right choice for you.

Best wishes.

Kelly Dorgan

"Kelly was always available or would return calls promptly. She was very organised and knowledgeable midwife."

— Emma, St Martins

"We can't thank her enough for her support, knowledge, experience and dedication."

— Fiona, Beckenham

"We were completely comfortable having a homebirth because she was so highly skilled and competent."

— Anna, Sumner

"We totally valued her gentle and natural approach."

— Laura, Barrington
Hello, I'm

Janine Puentener

I love this job where I can work in an environment that celebrates such an important journey for a woman and her whanau and allows me to work with the wonderful midwives at Rata Midwives.

I have two teenage children and was inspired to become a midwife after experiencing home birth as a powerful and affirming process.

I have a passion for promoting woman-centred, holistic care and endeavour to do this in a way that empowers woman to access their inherent ability to birth. I support women to birth at home, in primary units (St George's, Lincoln Maternity and Burwood Birthing Unit) and at Christchurch Women's Hospital when this is required. I am very happy to support women to labour/birth in water.

I have a small caseload which means I can spend time sharing and discussing information. I have a clinic in Opawa and can also do visits at home. In my life outside of midwifery I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, reading, getting crafty and doing my best to stay fit. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am really happy to meet with you to discuss your options for care.

Janine Puentener

"Janine was encouraging and supportive and helped me to breast feed"

— Annon, St Albans

"Janine did a wonderful job at making me feel supported, empowered and in control during my labour."

— Anna Taylor, Somerfield

"I felt confident with Janine as she had a broad knowledge of midwifery and health"

— Annon, Spreydon
Hello, I'm

KeiShana Coursey

Perhaps you are overjoyed or still adjusting to the journey ahead? And you know, there is a Chinese proverb which say's "when sleeping women wake, mountains will move", which is why I am passionate about supporting women through this extraordinary life experience.

I take pride in providing excellent quality care throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. I will offer you time, education and enthusiasm as your move through this natural, yet extraordinary time in your life.

Joyfully I work with women of all nationalities, ages and life situations through listening to your needs and creating a plan of care that acknowledges the latest research, combined with your individual lifestyle. I offer birth in home and hospital and encourage you to find your own strength and trust in your body's natural process.

I look forward to sharing your journey with you and your family.

KeiShana Coursey

"We will always be grateful for your love, support, energy, compassion, strength and all round awesomeness."

— Ava & Josh, Central City

"KeiShana was professional, caring, supportive and great fun. We always looked forward to our appointments with her."

— Anna & Chris, Halswell

"KeiShana was amazing. She gave me the confidence and support I needed to have a wonderful birth at home."

— Fran, Hoon Hay

"I trusted her and her professional approach to midwifery was outstanding."

— Ariana, Hornby

"She was supporting throughout the pregnancy and the aftercare was the best I have experienced."

— Mary, Christchurch
Hello, I'm

Claire MacDonald

Tena koe and hello!

I am a community midwife committed to providing holistic, individualised care to every woman and her whanau.

I am experienced with home and primary birthing unit births, including waterbirths, as well as more high needs care in the hospital environment when needed. I provide great postnatal care and breastfeeding support.

With a small caseload there is plenty of time for information sharing and listening to what is important for you. I'd love to hear from you for a chat or a visit to discuss options.

Claire MacDonald

"Claire listened to us and always respected our decisions. With Claire we had true informed choice."

— Emily, St Martins

"Claire gave me lots of support when I was trying to get breastfeeding sorted. She really knows her stuff!"

— Mere, Addington

"I really valued Claire's positive and calm guidance our gentle homebirth."

— Rebecca, Christchurch City

"Our appointments were never hurried and I had time to ask plenty of questions."

— Mel, Linwood
Hello, I'm

Jo Ryde

Hello and congratulations on your pregnancy.

I enjoy working with women and their families at this special, important time in their lives. I view birth as a normal process and see my role as supporting women to listen to their bodies and develop trust in their ability to birth their babies.

Over the past 14 years I have worked primarily with women choosing to birth at home and Lincoln, St George's and Burwood birthing units. I also have a lot of experience with waterbirths. I have a good working relationship with the obstetric team at Christchurch Women's, if needed.

I have three sons, Wiari, Taitoko, and Turiariki, two of whom were born at home.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jo Ryde

"Jo was always very professional. Her calm, friendly manner helped us achieve a wonderful homebirth"

— Kate, Lyttelton

"We were so touched by your passion and skills."

— Sarah, Beckenham

"Your support at the birth is so amazing."

— Tia, Sydenham

Find Us

Midwives on Barrington have moved to a new location and had a change of name. We are now called Rata Midwives working at Helios Integrative Medical Centre. We are the same excellent team of midwives using evidence based philosophy. It will be easy for you to contact us via phone 03 332 5702 or email. Finding us is as simple as using the map below. There's plenty of parking onsite and Willow Cafe right next door.